Happy New Year, everyone! It’s that annual transition time when we look at the world with new eyes, a new perspective, that time of year when everything seems once again fresh, clean and possible. Just as with that other annual event, the birthday, New Year’s Day represents new hope, an opportunity to take stock, perhaps to chart a new course.

Over the years, I have tended to be a resolution maker. “This year I will start doing this” “This year I will stop doing/being that.” I saw the year stretching out in front me and it all seemed like such a loooooong time! I have enough years under my belt now to realize that resolutions made for an entire year were often too daunting or forgotten as the first week wound down. I made futile attempts to chart the year in one big gulp based on the needs or whim of however I ended the previous year.

More recently, though,  I’ve come to realize that there are endless opportunities for change, for accomplishment, for shaking things up.  Not all “resolutions” need to take a year or a lifetime. Every day, or even every portion of a day, offers opportunities for new beginnings, continual course corrections. Had too many carbs for lunch? Make up for it that night at dinner.

So now I’ve made my 2018 list of “things” to do. It’s not a long list – pretty short actually – and imminently doable. I won’t tell you the items on my list but I can tell you that they are short term goals that should be able to be accomplished over the course of several weeks or months.  They are things I’ve been stuck on for a while. So we’ll see how I do. When (if) I complete those, I can surely come up with another list – or not!

Do you too  have some things you are looking to shake up this year?   If you do or don’t, I  wish you all good things!    Have an amazing year!

Until next time…..


3 thoughts on “BEGINNINGS

  1. I love (and share) your optimistic view of change. It’s never to late to adjust our course. I agree that “resolutions” are daunting. I think I’m much more of a “clean out the XYZ closet this week.” Now, if I could just decide which closet should be XYZ!


  2. I too, am a resolution maker! My list this year has ten items….and of course, these ten are almost identical to the ten I made last year. And the year before.. What I have taken to doing is what we used to do at work ( ugh). Pull up my objectives/ resultions every quarter and see how I am doing. Will let you know how this works out. But as you know, my real belief is in the magic of doing one small task of a much bigger one. Instead of “Complete 12 paintings” I make it “Go to the studio today”

    And with that in mind, off I go!


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